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Caribbean Business Enterprise Trust (CBET)

Reflections - Does Barbados need a new development model?

Our mission is to facilitate the generation of business ideas and the promotion of business success in order to stimulate and sustain rapid global niche market growth for Small State economies.

CBET Shepherding Model

CBET fosters partnership with its clients. It recognises the importance of sustainable business success as a stimulus to economic growth for small state economies such as the Caribbean.

CBET promotes the CBET Shepherding Model as a necessary and sufficient foundation from which to leverage resources for the journey to sustainable business success.


In support of the CBET model, the company offers the following services:

High Impact Growth Strategy Workshop
Strategic Visioning Retreat
Business Plan Development
Coordination Assistance
Implementation Assistance
Shepherding and Preventive Business Health
Lobbying Assistance
Quick Response Seed and Venture Capital Funding

Items of Interest

Strategies For Accelerating Growth In The Barbadian Economy 
by Andrew S Downes, PhD. Professor of Economics and Pro Vice Chancellor (Planning and Development), University of the West Indies.

Reflections - Does Barbados need a new development model?

The Global Food Crisis and the Caribbean Context

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